About Us

The Foula Electricity Trust (FET) is a charity formed by Shetland Islands Council in 1998. It initially created an electricity supply running throughout the whole island for the first time, supported for limited hours by means of a diesel generator. From these early beginnings we’ve now moved considerably further.

With much effort and support, not only have we implemented a 24 hour supply, we’ve invested heavily in renewable technologies that will make our remote island more sustainable and more secure.

Today we’re finishing Phase 2 of our current project. It adds significant elements to the islands infrastructure and, critically, engages with the community of Foula and will create a strategy for the future.


FET currently consists of three elected island resident trustees, two Shetland Islands Council trustees and a resident development officer on Foula:

Island resident Trustees

Jim Gear, Foula.

Magnus Gear, Foula.

Marion Taylor, Foula.

Council Trustees

Councillor Frank Robertson (Chairperson)

Councillor Theo Smith

Outside of these official roles, FCES is the island community itself: Foula residents have put a great deal of time and effort into FET schemes, through environmental monitoring, undergoing necessary training, and in the operation of the inverter system, the SCADA computer, and the maintenance of the hydro turbine.

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