Get Involved

Where do we go from here?

The Foula Community Electricity Scheme needs to be steered and directed by the residents of Foula, so if you live on Foula it needs your involvement. Right now we particularly need your help coming up with answers to the following questions:

 How can we best use the infrastructure built during Phase 1 and Phase 2, to make the most out of it for people on Foula

 How can we reduce our carbon emissions individually and as a community and come up with a ‘CERP’?

…but there may be questions that you want to ask, other issues you think we should tackle as a collective. Here’s how to get involved:


FCES community meetings

Meetings for islanders to meet with FET trustees and expert consultants on Foula’s energy strategy. The first meeting will be held at Foula School on Tuesday 16th November (weather permitting). Contact Fran for more details.



Our online community forum

Has been set up to allow residents and interested parties to comment and discuss the FCES and related ideas

Visit the forum


Make a personal difference

10 ways to save energy and money in your home

1. Turn off lights when you leave a room!


2. Use energy saving light bulbs. They last up to 10 times longer than ordi-nary bulbs. Using one can save you around £40 over the lifetime of the bulb.


3. Wash laundry at 30 degrees and try to fill each load.


4. Only boil as much water as you need.


5. Block up all those cold draughts and close your curtains at night to stop heat escaping.


6. Turn off appliances and avoid leaving appliances on standby.


7. If you have a standard shower it will use around 40% of the water required for a bath.


8. When it’s weather, dry your clothes outside rather than using a tumble dryer.


9. Use a lid on saucepans where possi-ble, so the contents heat up faster and require less energy.


10. Make sure your radiators / heat sources are not obstructed by curtains or furniture