Phase 2

The second phase has added wind power to Foula’s renewable energy supply, greater battery storage to further minimise the need for top-up by diesel our generators, and the installation of two more efficient and reliable diesel generators for times when the renewable sources are running really low.

Phase 2 is a strategy for the future. When completed, the island will have an additional 343,000 kW/hrs of electricity per annum and a yearly income of around £23,200 to assist with the maintenance and replacement of the facilities in place.

Wind Turbine Development

As of Summer 2011 three 10kwWestwind turbines were constructed at the favoured South Ness site. Pictured below is an example of the Westwind turbine.

Building in a Special Protection Area 

Foula is a Special Protection Area (SPA) for Birds, and in order to identify the least contentious potential wind turbine sites, Patrick Ross-Smith of Community Energy Scotland visited Foula with representatives of Scottish Natural Heritage and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The Foula Heritage Ranger Service provided monitoring data on the different possible sites. This monitoring is continuing at the wind turbine site.

Impact Assessment

The Orkney firm of Aquatera Ltd was employed to produce an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed wind turbine development in Foula to be submitted with the planning application. Community En-ergy Scotland and Aquatera Ltd have worked closely at all times with the relevant agencies to identify and deal quickly with potentially contentious issues relating to the SPA.

Further battery storage

An extra 105 kW/hrs of battery storage with the associated inverters have been installed behind the school, further reducing the diesel needed to top up supply when renewable sources are low.


Two new generators 

L&M Engineering have already installed two efficient diesel-electric generators behind Foula school. These will ensure a reliable supply for the Community at times when energy from our system of renewables runs low.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan (CERP)

The first meeting to discuss Foula’s CERP will bring together expert consultants and Foula residents.

Download: workshop_programme_draft[1+1)[1].pdf

Contractors for Phase 2

Malakoff Ltd., along with sub-contractors FLJ (Shetland) Ltd, Wind and Sun Ltd.